Artist Statement

Art is one of the earliest and perhaps most intimate forms of communication. It offers insight beyond our ordinary and habitual perceptions and powerfully influences both the conscious and subconscious mind. Ultimately art acts as both a mirror and a lens. It gives presence and visibility to that which was previously unseen, unknown, or mis-understood. My multifarious work encourages the viewer to be stimulated according to the aesthetic cultivated by his or her life experience.

Seven years ago I started exploring ways to merge watercolor and oil (my two favorite mediums) on the same surface. This resulted in a re-examination of an old fascination with light, shadow and the bending of light. Straight lines are an optical illusion. Where there is light there is shadow. If light bends, so does shadow. This insight transformed my mark making, whereby each mark becomes a conglomeration of curvilinear lines made up of colors of various saturations and values. The forms in the work more closely resemble a three dimensional object on a two dimensional plane.

Presently I have once again separated my work into oil or watercolor works, rather than mixing the media. My fascination with light and shadow continues with the added element of water contained in glass and the semi transparent nature of light as it penetrates the petals of a flower.